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Having been a distributor of fresh produce in the UK for 15 years, Cook’s Delights has become one of the most recognisable UK food distributors, delivering a full range of fresh produce and catering supplies everyday to thousands of caterers in the UK. We provide a convenient one-stop shop with everything of top quality that the caterers may require. They can then concentrate in their cooking skills and create more innovative and delicious cuisines. Quality, variety, network coverage and reliability are the key competitive drivers we are striving for.

Our journey towards excellence, like all other incumbents in the industry, is littered with challenges from our ECONOMY, GOVERNMENT, TECHNOLOGY, WORKFORCE and SOCIETY, etc. We have proved we are up to the challenges and sailed through all peaks and troughs which we would like to share herein.

As our ECONOMY is hit by the recent global financial crisis, availability of scarce credit is as crucial as tighter credit control for business survival. Careful balance between these two antagonistic forces is critical to prevent the business flow from being clogged up, which will have adverse knock-on effects to suppliers and customers. To keep business moving, Cook’s Delights took the initiative to form closer alliances with their suppliers and customers. With mutual understanding and better communications, much needed credit is available for all our trading partners to carry on with their business. Closer monitoring and better co-ordination also means more flexibility and readiness to respond, thus, giving a better chance of riding out the crisis hand in hand.

GOVERNMENTS are increasingly concerned about food safety issues in their own countries and regulate the food industry heavily. Consumers are more health conscious and fastidious about the quality and standard of their foods. Cook’s Delights takes extra care to source our products. Over the years, we have ensured our supplies are reliable, up to our customer’s standards and conform to local and/or international food standards requirements. We have recently gone one step further to upgrade our food handling and distribution processes and were awarded by CMI the Certificate of High Level Conformity in 2009 recognising our achievement of high standard for food wholesaling, storage and distribution for the food service trade.(See Certificate of Conformity)

Advanced TECHNOLOGY provides a means for businesses to achieve higher efficiency and productivity. Cook’s Delights has successfully implemented a full computerised system to manage our business processes from purchases, stock control, sales to finance, etc. It enables our business to be more transparent, effectively controlled and efficient, hence we have a better service and products, with greater varieties and value for money. It also greatly improves our staff’s working conditions by simplifying work processes and minimising laborious tasks. Information is easily available at their finger tips.

Cook’s Delights concern about the welfare of our valued and dedicated WORKFORCE. We are committed to make continuous investment in office improvements so that our staffs are proud of their modern, sociable and safe working environment. We have annual official inspections to ensure our work place complies with the health and safety regulations. As a gesture to appreciate their contributions, all our staff enjoys special discounts for their purchases of high quality products from the company.

Sadly, in recent years, many SOCIETIES around the world were invariably struck by natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons/tornadoes, floods, snows, etc. While we are lucky enough to live peacefully, we should never take it for granted. Cook’s Delights bear a strong sense of duty and care for these unfortunate communities and would like to offer our meagre support to the vulnerable, We organised a Gourmet Charity Gala Event on 27th June 2009 and raised £45,000 to help re-building “homes” for the children badly affected by the Sichuan earthquake.(See Certificate of Appreciation) We hope we can continue to support more communities further afield so that more people in needs can feel the warmth and care they deserve.

In support of our own SOCIETY, Cook’s Delights is an advocate of local farm produce. In 2009, we continue to cooperate and associate with our suppliers, customers to explore the healthy option. With shorter distance of transportation, not only can we guarantee fresher and better valued products for our customers, it also helps in reducing the carbon footprint related to transportation. We will continue sourcing locally to support our local farmers, to get better value for money for our customers and to protect our environment.

Having been a food distributor in the UK for so many years, Cook’s Delights also owe our local community the duty of care. Going forward from 2010, we would like to share with the public our knowledge and experience about healthy foods we have accumulated over the years of trading, raise public awareness of the importance of healthy eating and educate them the ways to lead a healthy life through proper diet.

This year with visits to Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & Herefordshire planned we will continue sourcing locally to support our local farmers, to get better value for money for our customers and to protect our environment.

We hope to indulge our customers with products of more choices, greater varieties, better quality and value for money so as to raise wider public interests and awareness of the beauty of healthy eating.

We are members of Freight Operators Recognition Scheme and are moving towards Bronze Status.

Food safety will continue to be our agenda. Attention will be paid to our criteria of selecting suppliers. In particular, responsible green packaging, informative labelling, use of healthy ingredients, etc. are also evaluated. Last but not least, we target at getting the Certificate of High Level Conformity again in COMING YEAR.

We endeavour to achieve our goals by gaining more public recognitions through which we can be better positioned on the shared industry platform to disseminate, more efficiently, the healthy eating message to wider audience.