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RED APPLE紅蘋果BOXAvailability on Uk Market(12 months)
GOLDEN DELICIOUS金冠甜蘋果BOXSources of Supply (Global)
GRANNY SMITH青酸蘋果BOXSpecies( Malus Pumila)
FUJI APPLE紅富士蘋果BOXSupply( China,Greece,Italy,Korea)
ROYAL GALA嘎啦蘋果BOXFamily (Rosecaea)
GREEN NOSE APPLE青泰蟠桃BOXThailand Exotic
CUSTARD APPLE番荔枝BOXSources of Supply (Mainly from Thailand, Spain)
APRICOT杏桃BOXPopular on (March to September)
AVOCADO牛油果BOXWhile its flesh is creamy and sweet
BANANA香蕉BOXAvailability on Uk Market(12 months)
CHERRY櫻桃BOXAre generally eaten their fresh state
LEAF CLEMENTINE有葉柑BOXflavour choice for christmas
LEAF CLEMENTINE(SMALL BOX)有葉柑2KGClementines, usually grown in Morocco and Spain, have been available in Europe for many years. available from mid-November through January; this availability has them referred to in some areas as "Christmas Oranges".
COCONUT椰子BOXFamily (Palmae)See also Jelly nut
YOUNG COCONUT椰青BOXPopular exotic fruit Drink
DATE棗子BOXBotanical name (Phoenix dactylifera)
DRAGON FRUIT火龍果BOXSources Of Supply(Mainly from Thailand, Vietnam)
DURIAN(16K)榴槤KGIts pungent smell and unique look make it famous
GRAPEFRUIT西柚BOXSpecies( Citrus paradisi)
GREEN GRAPE青提子(葡萄)BOXAvailability on Uk Market(12 months)
RED GRAPE紅提子(葡萄)BOXAvailability on Uk Market(12 months)
GUAVA番石榴BOXCommon Fruit for Egypt and Far East
THAI GUAVA泰番石榴BOXSpecies(Psidium Guajava)
KAKI林柿BOXFull of vitamins,low in calories
KIWI猊猴桃BOXSources of supply(Mainly from Italy, NZ)
KUMQUAT金橘(桔子)BOXCan be eaten intact,can be candied,preserved in syrup or sliced in cocktail
LEMON檸檬BOX(35-40)Availability on Uk Market(12 months)
LIME青檸BOXSpecies(Citrus Limon)
LONGAN(DRAGON EYE)龍眼BOXAlso from lychee family,sweet and fragrant in taste
LYCHEE荔枝BOXrich in vitamins,short shelf life,consumed within 3-5days of purchase
MANGOSTEEN山竹BOXKnown as the Queen of tropical fruits
GREEN MANGO绿芒果(G)BOXThis spherical fruit mainly grown in the tropics
MANGO (P)黃芒果(P)BOXsweet and sour taste,full of juices
MANGO(SOUR)芒果(SOUR)BOXCan made into jams and chutneys
MANGO(UK)芒果(UK)BOXit is apple-sized,with rough skin,removed prior to eating
CANTALOPE MELON硬皮甜瓜BOXOrange,yellow colour on ripening
GALIA MELON哈密瓜BOXOther name(Dessert melon)
WATER MELON西瓜BOXA most popular fruit
YELLOW MELON黄密瓜BOXjuicy and sweet
NECTARINE油桃BOXIt is one of a new generation of stone fruit
ORANGE甜橙BOX(48-54)The fruit from 4 corners of the world
PASSION FRUIT百香果BOXThe fruit is eaten fresh
SMALL PAPAYA小木瓜BOXGrowers of pawpaws sometimes place rotting fruit or roadkill meat near the trees at bloom time to increase the number of pollinators
LARGE PAPAYA大木瓜BOXPapaya has many uses, including as food, as cooking aid, in medicine. The stem and the bark are also used in rope production
THAI PAPAYA泰ホ瓜BOXGreen papaya is used in Thai cuisine, both raw and cooked.
PEACH桃子BOXIn China, the peach was said to be consumed by the immortals due to its mystic virtue of conferring longevity on all who ate them.
FRANGRANT PEAR香梨BOXoriginally from China,Xinjiang
CENTURY PEAR世紀梨BOXOriginally from China
YA PEAR鴨梨BOXConical shape,crisp,white flesh,golden colour and russet free
NASHI PEAR水晶梨BOXThis Oriental pear is a relative of the Ya.
PINEAPPLE菠蘿BOXWell Known Fruit
PLUM梅子BOX(RED) Plums and prunes are known for their laxative effect
POMEGRANATES石榴紅BOXThe pomegranate is native to the region of the Mediterranean region
POMELO柚子BOXThe pomelo is a citrus fruit native to South East Asia. It is usually pale green to yellow when ripe, with sweet white , more rarely, pink or red flesh and very thick pudgy rind. It is the largest citrus fruit, 15–25 cm in diameter and usually weighing 1–2 kg.
RAMBUTAN紅毛丹BOXFlavour can vary from acidic to sweet,is not that dissimliar to the lychee and Longan
SHARON FRUIT富有柿BOXIt can be eaten soft and ripe (Kaki family)
STAR FRUIT楊桃BOXThe fruit in cross-section is a five-pointed star, hence its name
STRAWBERRY草莓BOXStrawberries are an easy plant to grow, and can be grown almost anywhere in the world.