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OKECHAMP GROUP - quality with no compromises for nearly 20 years   [04-09-2010]

Every morning, at the stand of Sunnyfield in London, among other fruit and vegetables, customers find fresh mushrooms of highest quality and specification. Just 35 hours earlier they were hand-picked in the air-conditioned cultivation room of OKECHAMP Group in Borucino, in western Poland. This is the last act of the story which began in the 90s.

Polish and Dutch know-how.
The company OKECHAMP S.A. was founded in 1997. The combination of the Dutch and Polish experience in mushroom cultivation gave rise to today's business potential of the company. The production of high-quality compost - the substrate for growing mushrooms, as well as the organization of the modern and year-round mushroom cultivation, all prepared for first-class quality, ensured our company a significant position in the European market.

Quality and innovation.
From the beginning, quality has been the crucial issue to our company. To this day, this is the main motto of the company oriented to satisfy the needs of customers. Apart from the attention to the compost and mushroom quality, a very important issue in the management of a company is searching for and implementation of innovative solutions corresponding to consumer needs. Innovative packagings, a broad offer and modern logistics are the assets which render OKECHAMP Group a competitive company in the European mushroom market.

Common goals, one market.
When in 2004 Jos Reijnen, the majority shareholder of OKECHAMP Group, met with Ronny W.K. Liu, it turned out that they had similar views on the market. During the first visit of Ronny to Okechamp Jos was very impressed by his interest and knowledge about mushrooms and especially about his awareness of the needs of his customers. Okechamp shares Ronny's view that a competitive edge can be achieved by paying attention to high and stable quality and extending the offer with new specifications. This was the beginning of a good cooperation that continues until today. In our open communication all subjects are immediately addressed in order to full fill customers expectations. Okechamp has a lot of respect for Sunnyfield and its team, inspired by Ronny W.K. Liu. They are all professionals who are well educated and experienced. Sunnyfield is a very good demanding and important purchaser of fresh mushrooms with high awareness of consumers needs. Due to its attention to quality and innovation, OKECHAMP is able to meet these expectations.

Mushroom chain.
Today OKECHAMP Group is a large and international organization. The company controls all stages of the mushroom chain. The production of compost for the company's needs and for the market is performed in the most modern composting plant in Europe. Fresh mushrooms are grown on the area of 33 thousand m2 throughout the year and in the air-conditioned, automatically controlled halls. Hand picking guarantees high quality of mushrooms and their uniqueness. A modern processing plant for champignons and vegetables allows for full control of mushroom processing. The company is certified by the IFS and BRC certificates. Distribution centers in Poland and the Netherlands provide the supply of fresh mushrooms to the British market within 35 hours from the moment they were picked. Recently, OKECHAMP Group has been also joined by the European leader in frozen mushrooms, the Dutch company F&F in Kerkrade. OKECHAMP Group is the largest Polish mushroom exporter. It sells 40 000 tons of mushrooms a year.

People and ideas.
However, these are people who are the greatest asset of the company. It is owing to their experience and innovative thinking that OKECHAMP Group may implement new ideas and concepts.
The Polish-Dutch team of about a thousand employees every day is building a competitive advantage. We know almost everything about mushrooms and we use our specialization in particular to develop the offer in the food service sector – says Ewa Michalak, CEO and Commercial Director. The company's motto "Quality with no compromises" means not only high quality of products but also the level of the offered sales service. The knowledge that we acquire from the market and about the market is based on the awareness of the expectations of our customers and on satisfying their growing needs. Therefore, today, there are fresh, processed and frozen mushrooms in our offer. We offer mushrooms in whole, sliced in a number of ways and packed in an innovative way. We introduce novelties quarterly. This is what our partners expect from us. The cooperation with Sunnyfield serves as the best example. – says Ewa.